The Oxxe Collection by Sunglassbay

Sunglassbay is a new and emerging brand based in Lincolnshire. The self-confessed sunglasses obsessive has designed a collection based on the desire to be timeless, on trend, and accessible. Their collections use recycled acetate to create sustainable eyewear designed to be worn throughout the seasons.

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July 07, 2022


Limited Edition Collection by Sunglassbay

Established in August 2021, Sunglassbay is a UK-based sustainable sunglasses brand. They use recycled acetate where possible and release small, timeless, conscious collections which can be worn throughout the seasons. All their lenses are CAT3 allowing for high protection. Featured is their LO. glasses from their Limited Edition Collection.


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How to style SB sunglasses...

This week we have been tagged in amazing styling accounts. Take a look at how they styled CHLO. LAII. WRAITH.

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May 13, 2022
Which sunglasses suit me?

Which sunglasses suit me?

We understand the struggle of finding the best sunglasses to suit your face shape. Here are a few pointers to find the perfect SB sunglasses.

First, which is your face shape? 

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart-shaped
  • Oval

Let's start with Square face shapes, their forehead, cheeks and jaw that are all approximately the same width. To soften their features we suggest aviator or cat-eye sunglasses.

From our collection we suggest: SASS. MEY. RHODE. & FOXXE.

Round face shapes tend to have a forehead and cheeks with a similar width, while the chin is round. To add sharpness to your features we suggest square or rectangular sunglasses.

From our collection we suggest: CLAYE. SABE. FLISS.

Heart-shaped faces typically have a wider forehead and cheeks and a narrow, slightly pointed chin. Balance between the brow area and chin will elevate your features. To make the chin look 'softer; round frames and aviator are a great suggestion.

From our collection we suggest: CHLO. RHODE. WRAITH. & MEY.

Oval face shapes tend to have well-proportioned features, with the forehead and chin somewhat narrower and the cheeks more pronounced. It is said that oval face shapes tend to suit a wider range of frames unlike others (lucky them). Square sunglasses create a striking contours, whilst round sunglasses create a softer look.

From our collection we suggest: MEY. SABE. LAII. & BELLE


April 28, 2022


This week has been super exciting for us as our core collection has been featured in Pour Moi's latest summer campaign.

We love Pour Moi's underwear, swimwear, nightwear and clothing. They pride theirselves on creating luxury, supportive underwear and swimwear for everyBODY.

Take a look on their social media to see how they are styling SB eyewear @pourmoiltd


April 05, 2022
Our sustainable efforts

Our sustainable efforts

We believe that any sustainable effort whether big or small is needed in any fashion brand.

The fashion industry creates a huge impact on our planet and although we cannot say our brand is a 100% sustainable, we can say we are doing everything in our power to do so.

Sunglassbay has created a range of sunglasses designed to be durable in design and everlasting in style. Our aim is to provide sunglasses to our consumers which will last forever, protect them, and be the most important fashion accessory.

Developing the capsule collection is the start for us with our aim to rewear and reuse.

March 25, 2022